The Joy of Advent: Complete Catholic lessons for every age, ready to teach

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This is such a special time of year. The excitement of the holidays is mounting, and Advent is about to begin, our preparation for the Incarnation and Nativity of Jesus, ushering in a time of hope, joy, and light for the whole world. 

We want to help make this season of joyful preparation easier for teachers and ministers of all ages, so weve crafted special Advent lessons for all ages that you can download, print, and use in your classrooms. 

Feel free to share them with your colleagues and friends or anyone who might need help preparing their lessons this Advent! 

For elementary-age kids 

Our Advent lessons from Discover! Finding Faith in Life provide complete lessons with activities, instructions for leaders, and Scripture pages for grades 15!  

The grade 1 lesson, Preparing for Jesus, features a coloring page and prayer that helps kids become familiar with the opening chapter of the Gospel of Mark and the ministry of John the Baptist. 

Grade 2 explores Lukes Gospel through a crossword activity and a prayer that welcome kids into the wonder of the Annunciation. 

Grade 3 prepares children to celebrate Christ as King by reading and praying with the prophetic words of Isaiah. 

Grade 4 builds on Isaiahs writings by looking at Christs peaceful kingship, matching the animal partners of Isaiahs prophecy before sharing a prayer that focuses on trusting God. 

Grade 5 dives into Marys Magnificat, teaching children about the important people of the story and exploring the reasons why they too can praise God for his goodness. 

Each grade comes with a family page that children can take home to involve their families in the lesson and to bring what they learn to life outside the classroom.

For middle schoolers 

From Connect! Bringing Faith to Life comes this Advent lesson for middle schoolers, all about the prophets and the hope for a Messiah, culminating in the Incarnation of Christ. 

Tweens will dive into Scripture to explore the Old Testament prophets, from the non-writing prophets to the famous messianic prophecies of Isaiah. 

This lesson also comes with the included leader guide so that leaders can be fully prepared to teach with little to no prep time! 

For high schoolers 

In this lesson from Live Jesus in Our Hearts, high school students will go even deeper into the Old Testament readings: how the prophets words align with the Gospels, how the Psalms and wisdom literature show the desire for Christs coming, and how the patriarchs and kings of the Old Testament prepare the way for Christ, long before his Nativity. 

Each of these lessons comes with everything you needstudent activities, leader guides, and required Scripture passages are included in your download. 

 We hope this provides you with a little bit of extra support through what is a blessed (and busy) time of year! 

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