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The weaving together of the Old and New Testaments is a powerful example of God’s guiding hand throughout history. In the Old Testament, the prophets foreshadow Christ’s Incarnation with their words, and what they said continues to be a profound way to deepen our faith today. 

This chapter from Live Jesus in Our Hearts, our framework curriculum for high schoolers, goes deep into the prophecies presented in the Old Testament. 

Students will explore the prophets and their relationship to Christ while finding practical ways to take these ancient texts and use their wisdom in their own lives.

What’s inside your free lesson

A text students want to read

Live Jesus in Our Hearts is meant to do more than just teach classroom knowledgeit provides a framework for high school students to live their faith in profound and exciting ways. 

This lesson features a chapter from Revelation and the Old Testament, one of the six books in the Live Jesus in Our Hearts curriculum. The course gives young people a way to understand the why behind the what with relevant and meaningful content that speaks to the lived experiences of the studentsall in a way that’s engaging and approachable. 

Deep questions for meaningful discussion

High schoolers want to discuss the in-depth and difficult questions found in Scripture, and Live Jesus in Our Hearts fosters that discussion. 

Students will get to explore how books of the Bible relate to one another and how each bookand the Bible as a wholecontinues to apply to their lives, the life of the Church, and the world today. 

Take it a step further

High schoolers want to do something with what they learn. Your free Advent lesson will come with ways to make it happen: the learning experiences from the course! 

Revelation and the Old Testament  provides ready-made learning experiences to correspond with each chapter of the book that get students thinking and acting, using what they learned in their reading. 

Your Advent lesson comes with two full learning experiences that relate to the student book chapter you’ll receive, meaning that your students will dive deep into the Old Testament to uncover the relationship between the prophets and Christ, and your teachers will get to lead these discussions with easy prep!  

Yours to download, print, and keep!

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