Embrace the season of hope!

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Connect to Christmas joy, past and present

Advent and Christmas are seasons of hope. The new liturgical year and the expectation and renewal that accompany the Nativity bring so much joy to adults and young people alike. 

This season of expectation can also get overwhelming for leaders. So much occurs within a span of just four weeks, and we want to help you by offering an entire middle school lesson plan. 

Taken from Connect! Bringing Faith to Life, this Advent lesson for middle schoolers is a perfect way to introduce young people to the Old Testament prophets and their prophecies about the Messiah, helping them to prepare their hearts for Christ in the same way the people of the Bible did! 

What’s inside your free lesson

An accessible deep dive

Connect! Bringing Faith to Life is designed to help tweens turn what they learn about their faith into what they live in their daily lives. 

It’s built around a student book that contains all the necessary readings for all three years of the program, and it’s written in an accessible, inviting way for all middle schoolers to enjoy. 

In your free lesson, you’ll get an entire chapter of the student book“The Prophets and the Hope for a Messiah”. Watch young people’s faces light up as they uncover answers to their burning questions and are guided through a marvelous preparation for Christmas! 

Engaging lessons, little prep time

Preparing for Advent lessons doesn’t need to be stressful. Connect! comes with everything catechists need to prepareactivities, Scripture, and structured lesson plans that are laid out and easy to access with the catechist guide! 

These free Advent lessons include the full catechist guide sections with everything catechists need to lead the lesson, so that they can focus on building the excitement and joy to which Advent leads us. 

Yours to download, print, and keep!

Looking for the Free Advent Lesson for Connect! School? Find it here.

We also have Advent lessons for elementary parish and school, as well as high school!