25 Years: Over 4.4 million hearts touched and counting.
25 Years: Over 4.4 million hearts touched and counting.

We create Bibles for all young people.

We’re driven by the passion of our patron, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, who taught the Gospel in ways young people could understand, that met them wherever they were on their Emmaus road. 

Experience the joyful difference of a Bible they can truly call their own.

The Catholic Children’s Bible

Empower kids to read, understand, and love the Word with The Catholic Children’s Bible! This full-color Bible features large print for easy reading and illustrations to bring Bible stories to life and help kids go deeper into the Word.

Kids love how easy it is to find specific stories, and they’ll be excited to open their Bibles whenever they can!

Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics

Breakthrough!, available in the GNT or NABRE translations, will lead tweens through the journey of Salvation History.

They’ll be introduced to important people along the way, and they’ll gain an understanding of how God’s love and mercy have been present since the very beginning!

The Catholic Youth Bible

The Catholic Youth Bible is a fresh way to welcome teens into the grace of God’s Word, with  features that allow young people to, as Saint John Baptist de La Salle tells us, “Let your chief study be the Sacred Scriptures.”

Every page is meticulously designed to create a complete Catholic Bible that’s made to be read, loved, and lived by teens.

Which Bible is right for you?

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