The Catholic Children’s Bible

The Catholic Children’s Bible

A complete Catholic Bible . . . made just for kids!


Empower and inspire kids to read, understand, and love the Word with The Catholic Children’s Bible! This full-color Bible features large print for easy reading, wondrous illustrations to bring Bible stories to life, and special sections that help kids go deeper into the Word.

Kids love how easy it is to find specific books and stories, and they’ll be excited to open their Bibles whenever they can!

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Empower children to learn and love the Bible

We design so many resources to pair with The Catholic Children’s Bible because we believe that biblical literacy—the ability to read, understand, and live the message of Scripture—is one of the most important gifts we can give to young people.

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Read it!

Biblical literacy starts with being able to read from Scripture itself, and The Catholic Children’s Bible was created to help kids do just that. Focused Reading Plans guide children through the important themes of the Bible, from the Great People of Faith to the Miracles of Jesus, Following Jesus, and The Mass!

Find it! 

Made for easy navigation, The Catholic Children’s Bible features color-coded tabs, clear and easy-to-read story titles, and large chapter and verse numbers to help kids easily locate exactly what they’re looking for.   

Understand it!

125 different featured stories welcome kids into a deeper relationship with the Word. These featured stories highlight specific passages, invite the reader to explain them in their own words, and encourage them to live out the core message found in the story!

Love it!

The core goal of biblical literacy is a love for God’s Word, and the core goal of The Catholic Children’s Bible is to welcome children into that love. Every feature, every page, is designed to encourage children to go deeper into the Word and to grow in love for God!

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Get the Bible that brings the hearts of children to the heart of Scripture

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