Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics

A full Catholic Bible made for 6-8th graders

The complete Catholic Bible that draws tweens into the greatest story ever told… salvation history!

This Bible, available in the GNT or NABRE translations, will lead young people from the start of salvation history and the journey of the Chosen People to the culmination of Christ’s mission in the Gospels and the epistles of the New Testament. Tweens will be introduced to the people who were vital to God’s work throughout history, and they’ll gain an understanding of how God’s love and mercy have been present since the very beginning!

Tweens are insightful thinkers, endless questioners, and curious explorers. Breakthrough! is a Bible made to encourage these gifts. It is visually rich, with full color throughout that will keep tweens engaged.

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Let God’s Word break through!

Empower children to learn and love the Bible

We design so many resources to pair with Breakthrough! because we believe that biblical literacy—the ability to read, understand, and live the message of Scripture—is one of the most important gifts we can give to young people.

Clear and easy navigation gets tweens into the Bible and exactly where they want to be so they can learn from Scripture, and thought-provoking questions and context give them an endless supply of ways to go deeper into the Word.

A fully illustrated salvation history time line, with corresponding reading plans, helps them connect the lives and stories of important people throughout Scripture, helping them see just how many times God’s love has impacted history and how God is working in their lives.

Bring them into the story by having tweens interact with characters from the Bible through imaginative interviews with key biblical people.

Empower young people to connect the Bible’s stories with their Catholic beliefs through unique Catholic features that highlight their beliefs as well as draw them deeper into the faith through special study features that encourage young people to apply the teachings. 

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Get the Bible that brings young Catholics to the heart of Scripture

Breakthrough! Good News Translation offers an easy way for young people to experience the Word, in a translation that’s more accessible to tweens. With the same focus on connecting the big picture of Salvation History with encounters with the heroes of the Bible, young people will go deeper in their faith journey!

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