Called to Mercy

Immediate Preparation Confirmation Program

Called. Connected. Confirmed.

Called to Mercy has undergone a major refresh! This updated program blends all-new engaging in-person sessions with flexible online modules, ensuring that young people experience community while fully preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The unique hybrid approach of this program addresses all learning styles, more easily adjusts to fit into a variety of demanding schedules, and effectively leads young people to an understanding of how they can make a difference in the world through a life of mercy, service, and lived faith. 

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Dynamic Learning

What they learn online, they’ll bring to life. Flexible online modules introduce young people to core concepts. Then, in-person gathered sessions take what they learned to a deeper level through learning experiences that are fun, meaningful, and focused on building connection.

These gathered sessions encourage the young people to take what they have learned and to live it out on a daily basis. All in an environment that fosters belonging and honors young people for where they’re at on their faith journey.

Add-on Sponsor Experience

Sponsors have their own, easy-to-use online platform in Called to Mercy that allows them to quickly understand the key points the candidates are learning, reflect on the impact they make in their own lives, and get practical suggestions for connecting with the candidates in intentional and meaningful ways.

Course Features

Leading with experience

Each module in the online course is led by three teens whose conversation and videos provide a relatable experience for those preparing for Confirmation. These guides set a tone for the program that is engaging, inviting, and fun. The online modules also bring in an expert and relatable guide in Bishop Frank Caggiano, who offers key teachings around Confirmation in an easy-to-understand and inspirational way.

On a mission of mercy

Service to others is a key part of this program and isn’t limited to just a one-day required experience. Aspects of what it means to live a life marked by service are covered in every module and every gathered session of this program, and the young people are encouraged to recognize the opportunities they have to serve in both big and small ways. A planned day of service is included as the tenth gathered session, and the young people are encouraged to see that ongoing service to others is a mark of a confirmed member of the Christian faith.

All you need, right where you need it

The online modules are complete, comprehensive, and easy-to-use for everyone. The Leader Guide provides step-by-step directions for 10 gathered sessions, a full-day retreat, and a post-Confirmation session of reflection and celebration. Online resources include a Program Director Manual, a digital copy of the Leader Guide, and so much more.

Flexible and fulfilling

This program celebrates faith and highlights the difference that living one’s faith can make in the world. Rooted in a comprehensive and solid presentation of Catholic teaching around the Sacrament of Confirmation, this program shows young people faith is something that is active, that transforms our vision of each other, and that calls us to be people of mercy, kindness, welcome, and love. Inspirational stories, quotes, music, and videos all serve to stir the religious imaginations in young people as to what truly living faith can mean for the world.

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