All you need for All Saints’ Day

Make the feast day memorable and meaningful for your middle schoolers

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All Saints’ Day is the perfect day to explore the inspiring examples of the saints with middle schoolers. Our free All Saints’ Day lesson comes with everything you need to make it happen, all from Connect! Bringing Faith to Life, our active and engaging middle school religion curriculum.

Inside, your students will answer questions like: 

  • Why do we call Mary the Mother of the Church? 
  • What is the Communion of Saints? 
  • How does someone become a saint? 

What comes in your free digital lesson

A full lesson from the Student Book

Your free digital download comes with an entire lesson from year 3 of Connect! Bringing Faith to Life, our middle school religion curriculum. This lesson features an exploration of the relationship between the Communion of Saints and the Church in the world—perfect for All Saints’ Day! 

This lesson features everything that makes Connect! so special—easy-to-understand readings written for middle schoolers and extra engaging context on every page, including magnificent artwork, prayers, details about important terms and concepts, and a special page dedicated to exploring a saint related to the chapter. For this free lesson, the saint is Saint Juan Diego! 

Did you know? Connect! Bringing Faith to Life brings GREAT value to your school. The same book is used for all three years of the program!

The complete Teacher’s Guide section for your lesson makes it easy and fun to lead!

Lead a lesson that sticks! Active learning in the Core Learning Activity applies the focus on the Communion of Saints to students’ own lives by helping them discover how prayer, intercession, and communion work in the world. 

Add to your classroom session with the included prayers, collaboration and comprehension opportunities, and optional “Litany of the Saints” activity! 

Yours to download, print, and keep!

Looking for the Free All Saints’ Day Lesson for Connect! Parish? Find it here.

We also have free All Saints’ Day lessons for elementary parish and school!